• Kovid Rathee

    Kovid Rathee

    I write about technology, Indian classical music, literature, growth, and the workplace among other things. 1x engineer on weekdays. https://linktr.ee/kovid

  • Ramazan Çetinkaya

    Ramazan Çetinkaya

  • Teja


  • Ayoub RMIDI

    Ayoub RMIDI

    Data Scientist | NLP Researcher & Moderator @StackOverflow. Love Jazz music. Most of time doing the data things.

  • Cedric Touzet

    Cedric Touzet

    Lead Data Engineer at SFR

  • Xue Wang

    Xue Wang

    Happ coding

  • Ashish Johri

    Ashish Johri

  • Paul Henry

    Paul Henry

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